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[Art] i'll draw you a pokemon or whatever the hell you want in ms paint because i'm to lazy to get an actual drawing program

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pokecomic featuring pikachu and wynaut:

okay first two done:   daisy and dusclops: shiny wobbuffet: the images i used for drawing: dusclops daisy oak shiny wobbuffet   you can just see the similarities


pikachu and raichu tail whipping blissey:
yes i will be including the picture of the sprite if there is 2 or more whatevers in the picture. the video is 19 minutes long, you should listen to music while watching it. it will be up in about an hour i hope.

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hannahtaylor: ill do your request tomorrow, but i already drew a hoothoot, i think it's on the previous page.


i was bored so i opened up paint and edited scraggy and scrafty to what they should've looked like:

the real scraggy and scrafty:


so all i did was edit out the eyes, and it looks pretty fucking good if i do say so myself. i cropped it, but i will only crop sprite images if i ever do another. i only did it because  it would look bad otherwise.



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so because youtube lies to me i made a header for it, and it won't work good there. so i decided to keep it and make another for youtube. i present to you, my 2560x1440 picture!


also i did another scraggy and scrafty thing, and yes i did these two pictures in paint. shocking? yes.

the real REAL scraggy:


the real REAL scrafty:


the scraftys' right eye was hard to edit out, but i did it!

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so school is starting tomorrow and to make it harder i will be starting this thread again. but some new rules:

1. you can ask for the X-by-Y coordinates, instead of it always being 819x490, though if you don't say the coordinates it will be 819x490

2. if you don't suggest a background i will be using a greyish background

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