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[Art] i'll draw you a pokemon or whatever the hell you want in ms paint because i'm to lazy to get an actual drawing program

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pokecomic featuring pikachu and wynaut:

okay first two done:   daisy and dusclops: shiny wobbuffet: the images i used for drawing: dusclops daisy oak shiny wobbuffet   you can just see the similarities


the long awaited sequel to the first pokecomic:
i thought wynaut evolved by friendship, stupid bulbapedia proving me wrong and shit >:'(

some insider information on how i made the 2 pokecomics, and more:

i made the first one on the first night i started this thread, and shit i am still surprised how i did like 20 fucking pictures that night. anyways, i decided to make a wynaut pun comic. i chose pikachu because everyone knew him. oh my GOD was that comic hard to draw. basically i drew wynaut and pikachu, added text, added border, copypasted into next frame. btw i don't plan what i do in my drawings, i just go with the flow.

then it came to the point where i wanted to zoom in on wynauts face. doing those 3 or 4 frames of wynauts zoom took around 20-30 minutes. basically i just took wynauts whole body, used this proportional tool in the menu, typed in numbers to make it bigger, cropped out part of wynauts face, copypasta. it sounds harder then what i'm saying. then i just put wynaut saying his own name in red text for the demonic feel.

since then, i wanted to make another pokecomic. i started out drawing on a windows 7 paint on a laptop, since my pc was having problems. also, the default for windows 7 paint was 819x460, and i wanted to carry that on when i got my pc fixed. i transfered all teh pictures in htis order: windows 7 to my phone to windows vista. well i made a picture saying the proportions so i didn't forget. i fucked up the filename, and said 819x4[b]9[/b]0, not 819x4[b]6[/b]0. i found this out when i was looking through my pictures.

the first thing i drew on vista was a surskit. basically i was glad it looked the same and shit. i want on vacation for about 10 days, then when i came back BOOM 12 requests. i wanted t start using my left hand for the computer, so wynaut draw all those pictures with my left hand? then first one i drew was me torturing dannnno, which was shit. i honestly think that by the end i could use my left hand perfectly, and i still do use it!

okay back on topic. so i was thinking about a new pokecomic, but one problem: i couldn't figure out how to change the font to comic sans, and the size! yesterday, i figured it out. i was so fucking happy i could make more pokecomics. so the process of making the 2nd one was a lot easier. i read a tutorial about how to resize good, using a little trick. so first i pasted in the first pokecomic, cropped out the other frames and the text, leaving only wynaut and pikachu. i already knew the joke, but i checked bulbapedia to make sure of something. apparently wynaut evolves by level, and i thought it was friendship. so i maed it say "in this world", because otherwise the whole comic would be weird.

so making the zoom of pikachu was SO MUCH EASIER. i first selected a portion of pikachus face, put it in the frame, used zoom trick, added tears DONE BAM ZOOOOM. so fucking easy. then i for some reason named the first pokecomic (the filename) wynaut and pikachu, so i named this wynaut and pikachu 2

alright if u are seeing this this means u either read all this, or you skipped to the bottom. if you read it, yay, if you didn't, u should. i meant to only talk about the pokecomics, but i went offtopic. kbai.

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