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Hello Blizzard!

Welcome to the PokeMMO Community (officially). I hope to continue to see you around :)

Let me know if you ever have any questions.

See you in game!

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Gengar is awesome. But I always miss Blizzards in game.


Neutral feeling


Welcome to pokemmo though! I'm expecting an ice team from you in competitive play in the future!

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Good to see that I wasn't the only one who was lurking the forums before making my own account and starting to post.


I've seen a few posts of you and I think you will fit with the majority of the forum community quite well from what I've seen so far. I like those who are willing to view how things works in a forum for a bit before making their own "entrance" I guess I should call it, and whether you are into competitive play, hunting for shinies or just casual gaming with forum posting, I think you will go just fine with most of us.


Even so, if you do choose to go into competitive play (and go for the 50s) and you find yourself have any questions, do not hesitate with contacting me (really, come sooner than later if you want to go that way), and I will try to answer you the best way I think (maybe more in a long term situation, but from the looks of it, you will also gain more from that if you do choose to approach me). Also if you do already know quite a bit and just want a discussion about something, I love that so take contact. I wish you the best in your experience around here and hope you find as much joy about the game as I has


If you ever choose to want to take contact;
IGN LeVolpe


P.S. If I am not online, feel free to PM me and I do my best to reply.

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Welcome to PokeMMO forums! I hope you enjoy the forums and the game! :D

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