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Hola amigos

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Hi, my real name is Ruben but you probably don't need to know that. Anyway I don't usually post in forums but I figured that I like this game so I might as well try and participate in the community.


I am fond of Pokemon and most things Video Game related (specifically Nintendo) I'm an avid Zelda and Dark Souls player but I'm ashamed to admit I haven't delved much into the newer Pokemon entries, I casually played Diamond and Pearl but it basically ends there. Needless to say I have been waiting for a Pokemon MMO since I could remember and I feel this game shows great promise.


I also enjoy the finer things in life, such as watching Horror Movies (30's - 50's era preferably) drinking alot of beers and watching Richard Dawkins videos on youtube.

I am also a big fan of the TV show Twin Peaks.


Anyway, I look forward to posting in this forum and improving my Pokemon knowledge, because right now I am basically a noob.

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Hola ruben, si quieres encontrar gente de habla hispana en el juego ve al channel 5. Buena suerte.

Hi ruben, welcome to pokemmo, if you want to find hispanic speakers go to channel 5.  But i think your english its good so you probably dont need it.

Good luck.

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