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Me and my friend Axterin have just recently started to play PokeMMO and we think it's awesome!
I just wanted to say Hello to everyone and hope you welcome me to the amazing world of PokeMMO!

Current Team:
Charizard Lv. 36
Pidgeotto Lv. 30
Alakazam Lv. 29
Dugtrio Lv. 29
I'm working on training them.
I just recently got the 4th badge.

Goal Team:
(Looking for a Sixth, Suggest below!)


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[quote name='TheOriginal' timestamp='1363153385' post='227239']
Hello and welcome, I suggest Tyranitar
I've always liked Tyranitar. I'm gonna guess he is your favorite? Your Signature gives it away. XD

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Hello, and Welcome. Glad to know you're enjoying yourself to far.
I would personally recommend a Eeveelution for your 6th team member because they're my personal favourites. :wub: Maybe a Umbreon or Jolteon would do well. Good luck with your team either way.
See you in game.

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