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Which Pokemon do you think will effect the current Meta?


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Well, It's finally happening. Hidden Abilities are here! As well as some additional abilities (such as Competitive,an ability introduced in Gen 6 and Neutralising Gas for Weezing)


Now the question remains, what pokemon will be heavily effected by their hidden Ability and which ones will rise in the Meta.


My personal take is that one of them is going to be Serperior with Contrary. We are most likely going to witness a lot of these spamming Leaf Storm



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24 minutes ago, JohntheJester said:

Wheezing will be poor man's cofagrigus for lower tiers maybe, it completely counters guts pokemon

Reactive Gas (or Neutralising Gas, for everyone who has played Gen 8, including me) might be a solid pick for Doubles. Just imagine Weezing team up with Archeops or Slaking, just like how it effected Regigigas in SwSh

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20 minutes ago, Tawla said:

I can only see starters+ darmanitan with HA no more

Well at least the starters are getting something. You know what that means? Leaf Storm Contrary


But yea, Zen Mode Unovan Darmanitan sucks.

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