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The Name Rater: Get help choosing nicknames!


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So far on my alt i have:

Beedrill - Trusty
Noctowl - SlootSloot 2.0
Mightyenna - Liftienna
Primeape - uMadBrah
Slugma - Miss Cargo
Relicanth - Cheeky Canth
Squirtle - Gloria Hole
Clefairy - Clefairae
Flareon - Noad

Im gonna add a swinub to my team, halp with nickname pls, thinking Eric

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* I didn't notice there already was a nicknames topic in the forum,my bad  :P


Like i said,i won't rename my pokemon until i find a name that makes me laugh my a** off.


I still can't find any possible name for umbreon,jolteon and espeon (or any other eevolution).

Any advice? only funny ones.

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