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List of suggestions before big changes come up



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Hi after Kyu's post about delaying the 10th anniversary event for at least few weeks I think it's fair to collect some of the most voted little suggestion players did so staff at least may see them.


















Most of them are suggestions not suposed to be hard to implement. I know all players want hidden abilities but these suggestions are more realistic and easy to implement. I didn't put the gender ratio one because Kyu told that they will probably implement it on the next update. If you want a suggestion that has +10 votes to be here and is realistic they do it with the next update make a comment with the post so I can update this one.


I'm going to mention all big staff members so they may see it @Kyu @Desu @Shu @Squirtle @Rache @Bearminator @Teddi @SecretDjinn 


EDIT: Please if you think most of these suggestion could be a great implementation to the game upvote and like the post so devs can see a big part of the community want these changes.


EDIT2: Im going to mention creator post who haven't liked the post so they may help @Poufilou @Draekyn @xJoseee @Bhen @TheFrenchiestFry @Riesz @MrMalz @Imperial @Thekingofglory @caioxlive13

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