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What is the end-game in PokeMMO for you?

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1 hour ago, Reltsuhx said:

Después de terminar todas las regiones, ¿qué actividades recomiendas probar?

¿En qué usas la mayor parte de tu tiempo en PokeMMO?

Ok let me see what things can be done in a pokemon rpg video game. I don't know, maybe fly a plane and jump out of a parachute to land on the Canary Islands and dance to disco music with Michael Jackson dressed as a bald eagle

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3 hours ago, Reltsuhx said:

After finishing all regions, what activities do you recommend trying out?

It really depends what you want to get out of this game. Some people play competitively, shiny hunt, breed, collect vanity items, etc.


All of these things will require money so typically this is the stage of gameplay where you'd want to focus on learning the ins & outs of how the economy works, how to farm money efficiently, how to invest your money for future profits, etc. I'd recommend joining a team & meeting new people who are more experienced than yourself, teambuilding for gym rematches, berry farming, GTL flipping, and other basic money makers. 

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39分钟前,Oldenman 说:

A important lesson is to stick with a color/theme and never evo for the cutiest OT shiny line up

This is a bottomless hole


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2 hours ago, Servor5555 said:

Checking if all the limited you bought months ago already went up to see profit, if not, come back in a few months/years. Then repeat. 

This + waiting for legs and HA's.

Check once in a year, log out, repeat. Pretty much.

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