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An old (really old, 2012) player trying to understand and to play again

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Heyah o/ !

So yeah. Pretty much, I'm an user that started to play the game when it was just starting (July 2012), and because of my life, I had to focus on other stuff. These days, I wanted to play on a Pokemon MMORPG again, but more in a chill way that was I used to do. So I wanted to give a try at PokeMMO again.

I've the basic idea of the gameplay (even if i'm quite lost after 10 years of updates), but I'm just lost on what I should focus now.

Pretty much : I've finished Kanto, and started Hoenn back then. After setting up my game again, I moved back to Kanto to have a base to farm before going back to the Hoenn story.
My Kanto team sucks. Like back then having a good team even against IA was not necessary at all. My best Pokemon is my bad Alakazam level 73. I'm poor (73k money), but I've some basic items like Amulet Coin etc.

I've read some guide, but yeah I might need some guidance here. What should I do at this point ? I don't want to screw and mess up with my ressources, so I want to double check for any tip.

Thanks !

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Tbh it's the main reason I wanted to come back and give a look at the game. But meanwhile, i'd still want to look at what to do gameplay wise in my situation in order to have a better setup, and maybe enjoy the event even more


Thanks a lot for your answer !  o/

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