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Welcome everyone to our shop!

delibird.gif eevee.gif milotic.gifempoleon.gifvenusaur.gifcresselia.gif




Semi Comp:

~2x31 + 3x28 + nature = 350k

~3x31 + 2x28 + nature = 450k

~2x31 + 3x30 + nature = 500k


Fully Comp:

~3x31 + 2x30 + nature = 600k

~5x31 + nature = 950k

~3x31 + 3x30 + nature = 1.2m

~6x31 + nature = 1.9m


breloom.gif    dragonair.gif     metagross.gif




~We do not breed MALE ONLY mons.

~0 IV's count as if they were x31.

~Starter Pokemon or 21k gender price mons additional +50k.

~9k Gender Pokemon additional 20k.

~Happiness mons additional 80k.

~Genderless mons additional should be added after the final breed.


You may contact us in Game or Discord:


IGN: DrTylerGrey / ArtOfKilling

Discord: DrTylerGrey#7776 / Kamui#2181




~Eving + lvl 50: 40k.

~Eving + lvl 50+ evolutions: 50k.


You can also contact us in Game or Discord:

IGN: Crimar

Discord: Crimar#4145


Also shoutout to xPauu💖  for breeding prices you can check her shop here


Happy Clients:


zLumiere x5

SirOzwald x2

NagaHex x1

SaKuRaluv x1

zKuroko x1

Pipacro x2

lTekashi x2

zMago x1

Renpai x1

CuteSophia x5

RohMartinez x1

Zhatu x1

Edstorm x3

Powerdrib x4

Shookan x2

Facursa x4

ChurrBoi x1

RobBom x2


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