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[ SIG/ CUSTOM] Knights of the round table (Shut down)

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1:The basic price per signature is 75K, because I spend a lot of time finding the right Sprite photo for the background of the signature


2:I don't use Photoshop to make it, so a lot of things can't be done


3:You can come to me for custom GIFs, but the technology is not ready yet, so it will be sold at a very low price, only 30K


4:Making business cards takes an average of 35 minutes each


5:You can put forward any modification request to me within one day after you sign the card, it is free of charge


6:Each additional Pokemon costs an additional 5k


7:You can contact me in the following ways discord:Prande#5420、QQ:467404016、and Private communications

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  • Prande changed the title to [ SIG/ CUSTOM] Knights of the round table (Shut down)

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