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53 minutes ago, Deliburd said:

Hello, when will we have the Harden Hat? I share the idea of how it would be, I'm not good at doing these things but how great it would be done by someone expert, it can even have its Shiny version. A dream.

metapod hat.png

Nice idea bro 10/10

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Hello, it would be nice to have a witch apprentice hat and suit but one idea and to be inspired by a pokemon it would be in darkrai adding some features of it such as the hairs on the part of the hat in the way the girl has them in the image and let them move like wings of literal smoke and the suit with gloomy shoulder pads.

I hope the idea serves and if someone knows how to create and makes a sketch it would be nice.

 Popmag.png.a1f09cc55c70d5e315658d64acc0e094.png 794e56d2c760602437508d7012322d11.png.60563c468e494d25b4c55a7a897f402f.pngdownload.jpg.10e2fce6bf95b1b010c280845fe474b1.jpg

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On 7/2/2020 at 5:28 AM, Necramancie said:

Hi. I'm Necramancie, known in game by Mancie mostly. After experiencing a good bit of frustration, and at the urging of a few players in Global chat, I am posting this in the hopes that a few things I've noticed that could use heavy improvements get addressed.

First of all, I'd love to see more hairstyles for women. Also, more long hairstyles, not just for women, but men, too.

I've noticed that during character creation, males have way more hairstyle options than females do, and many of those hairs would work so well for giving your female character a more tomboyish design. One of the things I've always wanted is to make a more tomboy-looking female. Cool looking short hair, a cap, tee-shirt and sleeveless jacket, and jeans. I'll cover more on that topic in a second, this is about hairstyles. Anyways, the lack of options for hairstyles for the female character is disappointing. One thing you could do to rectify this is by having more hairstyle options, even if I have to go buy one and spend Pokédollars at the Mart for one. On that note, please give us the option to buy the default hairstyles from character customization at the Mart, or add a Barber Shop like they have in X and Y and later games. Just please make them not cost an arm and a leg.

Secondly, onto clothes.

I feel that caps/hats are part of the Trainer's identity. We should have the option to start with them from the get go. Sure, we can go to the Mart and get them for cheap, but I feel that by adding them at Character Creation would be nice. Vests/Jackets would be nice to add, to be layered over the shirts - basic ones. Not expensive Reward Shop/GTL ones, but just basic ones to give us more customization options and make us more unique. Basic ones can also be made available in Marts and I would drop Pokédollars for them.

Third, with those out of the way, ease of access for previews without having to buy a Makeover Kit.

I wanted to preview different hairstyles for my character wearing a cap, but sadly, it's limited and only shows hairstyles you own. The only way to truly preview different options is by buying a Makeover Kit, and those are expensive. One million Pokédollars is nothing to sneeze at in the GTL, and not everyone wants to buy Reward Points to get access to said previews. If a way could be implemented to allow previewing without buying a Makeover Kit - heck, you can even have an option to pay the price of a Makeover Kit if you wanna apply the preview if you like it enough! - that'd be great.

Coming to a close, all in all, I do love this game, but as someone who plays female characters, I feel the options available to them - and the options available to both genders in terms of basic fashion - is lacking. If anything can be done to mend these problems, I know many players besides myself would love it if you could do that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. ♥

Oh, and can we please get a Team Skull outfit and a Rainbow Rocket outfit? Those'd be great!

It would be wonderful to wear clothing that solely has the game on it. an application of naruto cosmetics, such as the saga's different eyes or the Akasuki's, the samehada, The Giant Ninja Star on the back, etc. The Konoha bandage, among other bandages, but there's always a but. I realize that only a few people will see this, and I doubt that such cosmetics will be implemented in the game.

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EN: Since i got a lot of work on college, I can´t do "a lot" of vanities, so I will prepare 3 vanities i have in mind.

ESP: Ya que he tenido bastante que hacer en la Universidad, no he tenido tiempo para hacer "un montón" de cosméticos, por lo que prepararé 3 cosméticos que tengo en mente.






PD: 3 Good ones.

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