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On 3/3/2021 at 12:17 AM, SquidChocobo said:

If that happens, i will need to make all the movement sprites.

No lol if they adapt any of your ideas, DarkShade would remake the skins entirely himself and do the animation sprites, they are not having the players work for them, this is just for suggestions :)

Nice work tho ^^

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This ain't a vanity art suggestion thingy, more like a suggestion that happens to involve vanities in general. IDK if here is a good place to put it or if I should make an entirely new suggestion thread about this, but since this is all about vanities in such, i figured I might as well post it here, so here goes nothing xD


Let's say you want to change out your hair and/or default clothing for a cool color scheme or cosplay or something. You have multiple color schemes/cosplay ideas ready for each Pokemon or something, but none of the vanities in-game have the colors that you want, or the ones that are colorable either messes with the pants/shoes/gloves that you want a different color on or they have some weird pattern that would make your cosplay or something off-putting. You decide that changing the color of your default clothing to suit your needs would be your best bet.


The problem with this is that you would have to order a Makeover Kit every single time you want to change colors, and it's very off-putting for people if they have multiple cosplay/color ideas that they want to switch between, let's say to fit a theme or to cosplay a shiny or something.


So I have a few suggestions for this:


  1. Replace/remake the Makeover Kit entirely with some sort of new Makeover item/effect also that allows you to save multiple profiles of default looks, kinda like how you can order more Battle Boxes for more comp team builds (maybe even make the profiles of the default looks non-changeable afterwards too until like say you reach the max number of profiles you can possibly buy and you are forced to overwrite one of the profiles, if necessary lol) This I feel seems like the most beneficial to the economy, but IDK lol
  2. Put every single piece of default looks on the Pokemarts, removing Makeover Kits entirely in the process. This would probably be too big of a change, as not only do Makeover Kits cost upwards of 1m on GTL as of the time of me typing this, this would likely screw over anyone who bought them in the first place, because then it would be like a huge bargain sale to change out your default looks compared to the Makeover Kits xD, this ain't really a good option but it's still a potential option, nonetheless lol 

Just some food for thought, I guess v:

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Oh, and make more shirts that don't affect your pants/gloves or whatnot lol
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I have no programs for image editing on my PC so I'll just give you the idea that it would be since the Sinoh Remake is coming, why not a vanity of the two initials that lack Infernape and Torterra


A hat from hell there with the shape of his face and the flames on top with animation would be very incredible



The torterra one I don’t know which one would look good, but an item for the back with white spines that it has on the back and the tree would be well maybe

Torterra (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven ...

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On 21/03/2021 at 20:38, EikoBiko said:

Ei, vamos mudar para o estilo P / B, por favor. :]


Sprites personalizados de entrada.


Folha em branco do mundo superior:



Exemplo de batalha:



Alguns cosméticos existentes adaptados para um novo estilo:

  • Máscara ninja
  • Lenço ninja
  • Viseira
  • Poncho
  • Luvas




Se houver literalmente algum feedback, farei mais.

Yes yes yes, yes!

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It is suggested to add a blue skirt to the girl's sailor suit




It is suggested to set "Ninja mask" as facial decoration




It is suggested that the "mustache" should be made to look better or make a better mustache




It is suggested to make the beard sparse



I think a beard like Archie is good




I hope that's what I look like in an olive Jersey



But it's actually like this



So I hope the official can optimize the olive Jersey to make it more handsome


I hope the windbreaker can be made more beautiful, just like alder347730576_Spr__BW.png.9c943190b96703c0a488b55157fdb309.png434050653_76px-_BW.png.fad2901f0fb93c2cb0e76818d3414dba.png

But now the windbreaker is like my grandmother's cape





So I suggest we make the windbreaker look like Hagoromo (はおり)


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Item Slot:



Image of item:





Since there is already a "Gi" available in the vanity store, it would be fitting for the outfit to have the choice to not wear shoes. I feel that this would be a more appropriate choice of cosmetics for people who want to wear the "Gi" top without footwear. I'm not saying that you should remove the shoewear, since there are most likely a lot of players who enjoy wearing the "Gi" with shoes, but I believe having an option for "no shoewear" could compliment the outfit. 


For context, I am only using the "Gi" as an example, as it is easily referenced. Hopefully you could implement a "no shoewear" option under the shoe category.


Kind regards,


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15 hours ago, MightyMichele said:

Guys, could we see a Cleopatra Headdress one day to be equivalent with Pharao's Headdress?


It would be very cool with a snake in front, like this picture:


(cleopatra with a hat and a snake)

we already have that in game. it's a pharaoh vanity. 

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1 hour ago, Oldenman said:

we already have that in game. it's a pharaoh vanity. 

do you have a pic of it?

I already own a Pharao's Headdress but I don't use it because it is for men. Cleopatra is feminine sweetheart.

With love, <3

Michele :3 

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