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Vanity Thread




  • Posting in this thread does not guarantee your suggestion will be made, however it does increase the chance of it being seen.
  • This thread is not for suggesting the placement or prices of these items.


Item Slot:

e.g Hat

Image of Item:

[Insert Image]


You can use these base sprite templates if you wish to give a design a go yourself:









I hope everybody is enjoying character customization, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in mind.

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On 2/19/2019 at 5:46 PM, SyaChan said:

Item slot : Hair  ( 5 )



                                                                                       Item slot : Hat                     Item slot : Back

                                                                                     Name :  Crown                     Name : Magic Rod






Item slot : Top

                                                                                                                  Name : Inciner Overall



                      GG42TV4.png fzGRQaa.pngASL67FE.png



                           TcFHIgK.gif yD6qJvu.gifKdIqTh1.gif

                                             Green Scouter                                               Blue Scouter                                             Red Scouter


                                                                                                                    Item slot : Eyes


                         IkL5dO2.pngTkq9sdT.png    UbxJpvN.png

                                                                                                              Item slot : hat


                                                                                                   Others colors options for skull :


                                                                           Fire Skull                                                                  Green Skull

                                            ALTNK3c.gifE3V9XLD.gif                                                                                              9JxxcGc.gifUcu5vFh.gif

                                                                         Pink Skull                                                                  Purple Skull



 I hope one of my vanities suggestions will give you ideas for the best to com


i think girls hair and items are just gorgeous nothing to say


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ANY of these items and or hairstyles below. Like the spriting community has alot of ideas done for you. It's just a matter of continually adding new stuff.


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Hola, por favor incluye la ropa del equipo rocket en blanco y un traje o sombrero de meowth y wowofet no uso las imágenes del sprite, disculpa las molestias


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Ade flower,
My proposal is a colorful flower, limited to the gloves section, since we have a torch and some gloves, for something a little section dedicated to femininity this flower could be a great option, colorful and limited to give it a little more of prominence or interest.

imagenpokemmo 2.png

imagen pokemmo.png


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On 11/6/2020 at 5:34 PM, soyhector said:

Item slot: Hair


Image of item:



Based on the amazing Faraon Love Shady


I loved your skinn good design, good idea and very good placement rrrrrrrrrrrrrrra


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What if we had more options for changing pants, shoes, etc individually? like you could change from boots to shoes, and they could cost pokedollars in Pokemon Centers for more basic item (like shoes and regular pants of course) and maybe reward points for more advanced items

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pokeball reskin


lets you reskin the pokeball your character holds in his image and throws in battles. that way people who like cosmetics of certain ball types can use the cosmetic to match their character. is cosmetic only. 


also usable on pokemon themselves allowing you to reskin the ball they are in. the old ball will then disappear and be replaced by the new ball skin

Edited by KallenSkye

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*excited squealing* Half my pokeball reskin dream implemented!!! ty!!


now i just hope we can change the one our trainer is holding!


i think the easiest way would just to have the ball the trainer is holding in the battle and trainer card image show whatever ball their first Pokemon in their party is in


Edited by KallenSkye

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