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Vanity Thread





  • Posting in this thread does not guarantee your suggestion will be made, however it does increase the chance of it being seen.
  • This thread is not for suggesting the placement or prices of these items.


Item Slot:

e.g Hat

Image of Item:

[Insert Image]


You can use these base sprite templates if you wish to give a design a go yourself:









I hope everybody is enjoying character customization, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in mind.

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Pokémon Cosplay! <3 everyone loves it! this game will surely see more reward points purchased when trainers can dress up as their fav pokemon <3

I personally wanna be a togepi ^^ i'm talking full body like the neat t-tar ones from that event.

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Welp, for those of you that remember i requested that track suits be added for epic & authentic in game gopnik style slav squatting, & successfully did so i might add!!!


much luv 2 @Darkshade for that ^~^


B.c of my glorious request, now you can scream 2 urself ur fav’ random Russian vulgarities like CYKA & BLAYT after accidentally killing the shiny you been after for literally years, & look good doing it too.


but still, something is missing, something that truly ties it all together, I tried requesting adidas but they would apparently be 2 hard to design. I has accepted this grim truth & you should too. 


instead, instead i ask for USHANKAS! B.c why scuff ur adidas when u can praise the motherland in ur very own ushanka?! 











ofc the symbolism can be determined by darkshade, but why would yew not want the proper symbols?!


& that is pretty much it 


thx 4 ur time babes, luv yews ~







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On 2/19/2019 at 11:46 AM, SyaChan said:


GG42TV4.png fzGRQaa.pngASL67FE.png


TcFHIgK.gif yD6qJvu.gifKdIqTh1.gif

                    Green Scouter                                               Blue Scouter                                             Red Scouter


Item slot : Eyes




This comment got around 50 likes


Darkshade pls we need it


ps hire her for pixel artist

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