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imageproxy.pngThis is a multiple suggestion in one example.

  • Glowing eyes, any color, glows like LED and Halo
  • Eyebrows in a separate category, for angry, one eyebrow up, happy, etc emoticon faces
  • Goatee, and other facial hair options
  • Gary's hairstyle. It's spiky and cool, would look great in many colors.

    Also, an open hoodie would be nice. I'm currently using the Cool Jacket and a black Backpack to hide the back, to look like an open hoodie.

    Idc what price tag you put up for these vanity items, they will surely sell a lot.

    Oh, and put Majora's Mask on the Glasses tab or nobody is going to want to wear it.

    While I'm thinking about it, a Sweet Scent and a Dig Ocarina would be really nice to have. I hate carrying around HM slaves. TM slaves aren't much better, since only certain Pokemon can do certain moves, so it becomes a burden having a half useless team.

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Added Ocarina suggestions
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