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Vanity Thread




  • Posting in this thread does not guarantee your suggestion will be made, however it does increase the chance of it being seen.
  • This thread is not for suggesting the placement or prices of these items.


Item Slot:

e.g Hat

Image of Item:

[Insert Image]


You can use these base sprite templates if you wish to give a design a go yourself:









I hope everybody is enjoying character customization, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in mind.

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On 10/18/2018 at 7:35 PM, Voze said:


i already posted it, so @Darkshade 2 person already

@Punccinello nice sprite btw, i hope it's as an outfit more than back. bc you can add broomstick if it as an outfit

ps: mismagius hat more larger than that on the sprite

Thanks for the support, pal. also, Witch Cloak being an outfit fits more than being just a back item. about the hat, when i was making the sprite, i thought that Mismagius Hat was too much larger and could exceed some limits, just like some Overworld Pokemon sprites that had to be re-sized to fit in the overworld, just like onix, wailord, etc.

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I think that more vanitys are needed for the legs, maybe not another type of pants, but have the possibility to buy others to change the color, the same goes for shoes.


It does not seem very fair to have to buy a "makeover kit" and spend 500RP (or 1.8m) just to be able to change the color of the pants and shoes.


Sorry for my english.

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On 10/27/2018 at 10:09 PM, Crimar said:

You all forgot the most important thing


don't forget about the face slot too...

and for my own suggestion:



on the legs slot we just have pant and shorts/skirt on the female character

hope @Darkshade can add skinny jeans/skinny pants or similiar like that

like the one on the business suit,restaurant uniform,flame uniform and the Elfbots outfit

idk, i just like the look on my battle sprite 



Edited by Voze

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since there's lava uniform ( team magma outfit) is there possibly for team magma admin courtney outfit? i would like to see separate from male outfit and female outfit 


 https://i.imgur.com/0rliKZJ.png or https://i.imgur.com/YTT54Hm.png (male) vs https://i.imgur.com/Qoj6QcQ.jpg or https://i.imgur.com/dVz9HFf.jpg (female)


since the lava uniform is grunt cloth why not Courtney cloth? unless its suggested before me. *shrug*

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On 10/27/2018 at 10:09 AM, Crimar said:



Along those lines, I have some fishing rod ideas that may be plausible:


1. A general colorable fishing rod:



2. A fishing rod with a rubber grip:



3. A metal fishing rod with colorable handles:



4. A fishing rod with a bobber:


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