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name: Carrot on a Stick







ps: It is suggested to add a new vanity type, so that the vanity goods matching is more convenient, for example, decorations.

If in the future there will be sword or shield vanity. The cape are the perfect match with them.Carrot on a Stick and Bunny set  XD!!


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On 11/18/2017 at 10:55 PM, raddevil said:


Looks like you got your wish:




Looks like they'll come in pink & blue with lighting effects:



Now it's only a matter of time until they're available. Would be cool if they were colorable too, but I'd bet they only come in white. Good suggestion.


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Name: Axe


Type: Back


https://imgur.com/WoH0A8p       Front


https://imgur.com/BTeNZ6D        Backwards


https://imgur.com/m1czMDw     Preview in menu



Special thanks to:


XxxDragoonxxX    -     For being the model to the Overworld preview


awkways    -     For fixing a detail in the axe, thanks to him, it looks more Asymetrical :D


*Important Advice: this is just a art made in Aseprite by someone who don't have much talent to drawn, just letting this clear before u send me messages like "Dude, you selected the wrong colors"  and "These measures are all wrong". Thanks for attention and have a nice day

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I made the final design for it and now looks better :D
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