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Ok , I'm Using the translator


ok guys, I would like to know how they see this as new clothes in pokemmo, it is a vest that is on a shirt with long violet sleeves (could be another color)


all this idea occurred to me because of a bug that happened to me with a backpack, where only the right hand of the texture of the backpack could be seen, thanks to that and to Photoshop I did this, I would see it excellent set that would be used with the hat of the cup

I would like you to tell me how you like these clothes in PokeMMO


Images of the clothes and the reference





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On 11/10/2017 at 6:59 PM, RealLifeAngel said:

Tracksuit, I do not remember there ever being one lol (you guys already have the hat)


Where should this item go?;

Shirt (long sleeve) / Pants (can come in black or navy blue & can comes in addidas or puma)


Picture of item?; 



As if we do not know what a track suit looks like lol



  Reveal hidden contents

Did I do it right




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Hi, I would suggest some things:


1. Can you please create a lantern that the character can take in one of its hand and who create a circle of light around the character? I think that can be beautiful.


2. For Christmas I would love have luminous reindeer antlers and they flash in many colors.


3. One thing I really love to have is pokemon masks, so can you please create various pokemons masks? Like my favorite pokemons Absol, Xatu, Gengar, Scuicune, Marowak and Sunkern.


4. I would like to have clothes who looks like my favorite pokemons too and who can be associated to the pokemon masks.

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I think it would be nice to have that flames emboar as a scarf



I think it would also be cool to use the infernape flames as a hat like that emerald ruby hat



I think it would also be nice to have hair and scrafty pants



Honchkrow hat



Beach Clothes for Women and Men

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