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16 minutes ago, KoolT93 said:

Colorable emerald knit hat pls

Ninja mask being face and not hat would be cool too

I've explained this somewhere before: but the Ninja Mask cannot be a Face Item without making people lose their eyes.

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Forced to post this here.


We all would love to be youngster Joey, or perhaps just look like Red from the olden times (team Cyan ftw). Let us "wear" the NPC sprites as Vanities with little customization to save time as to allow more NPC Vanities to be created. As for the customization of these new forms of Vanities, they could have alt "pallets".  To be changes with a dye. For example: youngster Joeys hat would change color, and his comfy shorts. So some customization there, while still not being able to add hats etc, due to many NPCs being varied sizes.


Potentially like 100 new vanities (thousands including alt colors). That all of the sprite work is already done.


A new vanity slot is required.


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Hello it is I PokeSweep, the amazing Chansey capturing record holder of PokeMMO ( http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP ). I am begging to the GMs that may you all update the

[Witch's Broomstick]

into a dye-able item. This idea isn't a bad idea! .. I am more than sure many people would LOVE to change the color of this particular item, and that if it was to show up again in the gift shop (dye-able), I will purchase it asap AND return with a big fat TY!

I am dreaming to be able to dye this wonderful Item green, in stead of just red, as of others could want it yellow or blue.. Please take this into consideration! I Thank You! :)



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I have one back item suggestion to make,


for anyone who is glued to television, well now I have a new suggestion that could be a bit wild, but also fun to walk around with.....





23 hours ago, Tbeatdown said:

Really? Own... I really wanted a microwave. 

You made me think of another back item suggestion....


A spatula!




23 hours ago, Tbeatdown said:

Spatula doesn't heat my food. So no, I want a microwave, and that's it.

And you made me think of one more back item suggestion (that can heat up your food)....


A pan




23 hours ago, Tbeatdown said:

Sorry @Bestfriends In my opinion, A Pan is a pretty agressive thing and if it is add in-game it can hurt alot of people,

I'm keeping my Microwave suggestion, which is a pretty useful thing in-game, so we can craft lava cookies.

You say you want to heat up lava cookies....


no problem!!!!


A cookie pan!




23 hours ago, Tbeatdown said:

Ok. This was a decent idea, but i don't want only for cooking lava cookies.

I want it for berry's aswell, like if they're heated, por exemple hondew berry would take out 20Ev's instead of 10.

So we would need a tons of different things like that.

But still, My microwave suggestion is better, so i want a microwave.

Why not have this back item for berry heating.....


A thermos soup container!


Related image



Man I am sure we're making everyone reading this hungry and giving @Darkshade some cooking projects (for our sprites).



23 hours ago, SodaNaranja said:

Is this even pokemon anymore?

Resultado de imagen para cooking mama

believe it or not, this gif actually made me cup with with two new cooking vanity clothing suggestions for PokeMMO


The rest of the chef suit, we already have the hat, lets get the chef clothes (with buttons and all).




Or, for anyone who are more "at home" chiefs, lets get an apron.



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