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1 minute ago, LifeStyle said:

Why did you delete my comment? Oh yeah, screw that guy who has to be stuck with a shit vanity in his bag, at least answer my question before deleting my comment next time, ty.

It was not a vanity item suggestion, if you wish to suggest changes to the mechanics arround vanities' economy please do so in a new thread.

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On 6/20/2016 at 4:38 PM, claudiom361 said:

How about a prison suit, the orangeand the stripy one, without numbers and hat of cours

make the elf hat colorable so i can have the water temple color :D


Ghost Costume should be a Top slot so u can wear hats on top of it, and ninja mask should be a hair slot

Also Cursed Mask be Face change, not hair change...

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My sad list of items : 

- kagune from Tokyo Ghoul;

- shiny Celebi hat;

- Charizard hat;

- cat tail;

- dress (can be colored);

- cape with the logo of PokeMMO;

- cap with the logo of PokeMMO;

- pink sunglasses;

- Pikachu hat or/and his tail;

- swords;

- pink tuxedo.


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