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Vanity Thread




  • Posting in this thread does not guarantee your suggestion will be made, however it does increase the chance of it being seen.
  • This thread is not for suggesting the placement or prices of these items.


Item Slot:

e.g Hat

Image of Item:

[Insert Image]


You can use these base sprite templates if you wish to give a design a go yourself:









I hope everybody is enjoying character customization, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in mind.

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Darkshade please consider some doggy ears....we have kitty ears, fox, bunny, and  lopunny(whatever that pokemon is lol) ears but NO DOGGY EARS! 


Also maybe even a doggy tail to subsitute for a cape...THAT WOULD BE AWESOME


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I know i have tell it one's but here again with a new Picture



See - Pokemons - with - Bisikle

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Slot: Tops


Image isn't mine, just something from google that had a hit linked to Ebay but doesn't have a view from the front (Dark Grey front with Smaller star with a "D" in the middle of it.



Space Dandy's Jacket (And shirt, which is red)


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I have an idea for a new vanity item, a GOLD tophat! Yes a gold Tophat, Darkshade can do the same coding as he did for the banhammers to glow at night! Gold Tophat, make it happen! Darkshade 2014

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That looks like Rizen's munk from the 3 kings saga of Yu Yu Hakusho. I liek


Is literally a HG/SS NPC.


I assume he's referring to the shadow?

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