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(Can I redo my entry? since people are making really good content lol)

Ign: Transendence


During the 187th cosmic battle between Palkia and Dialga, long before Sinnoh was even considered a region, a powerful but evil spirit was created in the world. It was called "the Absurd" because everything and everyone it touched lost all emotion and will. These alarmed the pokemon Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf because no matter how much emotion and will they placed in humans and pokemon, everything was sucked out by the Absurd.


One lone human and his Ninetails, Fina went on a quest to summon the pokemon god, Arceus in order to save the world. Collecting all his plates and placing them on Mt. Coronet, he played the Azure Flute and called the pokemon god. Seeing everything he made good turning into evil, Arceus asked the human what was happening in the world. The human told him the story and asked Arceus to destroy the absurd and save the world. But the Absurd was too strong to destroy. The more energy Arceus let out, all the more the Absurd started growing.


Taking the matter into his own hands, the lone human and his Fina charged at the Spirit and began fusing with the Spirit. Arceus then created a rift between time and space and pushed the human, along with Fina, and The Absurd in a torn dimension.


As the three of them started merging, there was only sadness and pain in the heart of the lone human. This sadness then turned into nothingness, and this nothingness created Giratina, the abomination, the pokemon that transcended time and space. Giratina wandered around the torn and distorted world for centuries, seeing it mirror reality into twisted forms and states. For centuries, he waited and until— until team Galactic caused the 188th fight between Dialga and Palkia.


When Cyrus summoned the gods of time and space, along with the pokemon of Spirit it was a chance to escape the world of distortion. However, he was defeat and was turned back to human, and the evil energy that once controlled him managed to disappear. 


After the long battle, he and his Fina was transported back on top of Mt. Coronet, confused but hopeful to explore the world anew. When asked who his name was, he can only answer "Transendence", he who transcended time and space and survived.




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