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Hello there,

A reminder that it is a requirement of using the forums to post an English translation of your message. Moreover, this is not the right subforum for the issue you are facing.

The language used by NPCs in the game is based on the language of the ROMs you have loaded. You have likely used an English ROM for this region; if you would like the NPCs to use Chinese, you'll need a Chinese language ROM for that region.

In future, please raise issues of this type on our support portal where we are better able to help you. You can raise a support ticket here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/support

Thank you




你好呀, 提醒您,必须使用论坛发布您的消息的英文翻译。 此外,这不是您所面临问题的正确子论坛。 游戏中 NPC 使用的语言取决于您加载的 ROM 的语言。 您可能在该地区使用过英文 ROM; 如果您希望 NPC 使用中文,则需要该地区的中文 ROM。 将来,请在我们的支持门户上提出此类问题,以便我们能够更好地为您提供帮助。 您可以在这里提出支持票:https://support.pokemmo.eu/support 谢谢

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