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Please remove unsupported platform on Linux 32bit



Hi I just wanted to suggest removing the hardcoded "unsupported platform" message and lockout on Linux 32bit as Linux 32bit is still supported and with the latest openjdk/java 17 version on Debian, Arch32, Gentoo ect and runs just fine.


On Arch32 for example you can install the Pokemmo package and be ready to play if the message and lockout was gone meaning not much work would be needed to fix this issue.

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We don't support 32-bit x86 linux because our upstream libraries don't either. The client is not purely java and requires native libraries which are targeted per architecture.


We don't provide arch linux packaging, so I'd suggest querying the contact of whoever is maintaining it to prevent distribution on Arch32. I'm not familiar enough with the AUR to know if that's an actual option though.

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"he client is not purely java and requires native libraries which are targeted per architecture. "


Ah ok well we still do have the native libraries on Arch32 for example and other Linux distros that still support 32bit also the AUR package just uses the script that you guys provide on thew website for the Linux version and packages that with the dependencies needed like java for example. Here is a link to the pkgbuild file


I have also made a comment on the lwjgl issue post also.




Also lwjgl is on the AUR and can be compiled to what ever architecture needed



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15小时前,Kyu 说:



我们不支持 32 位 x86 linux,因为我们的上游库也不支持. 客户端不是纯粹的 java 并且需要针对每个架构的本机库。


我们不提供 Arch linux 打包,所以我建议查询维护它的人的联系方式,以防止在 Arch32 上分发。我对 AUR 不够熟悉,不知道这是否是一个实际的选择。

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