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My Pokemmo Nuzlocke Experience


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Hey everyone, Rated here.
Before I start my story I want to give a little background about the topic and myself.
I have been playing Pokemmo for almost a year now by the username Rattadda. I usually stay pretty quiet but some of you may see me participating in events or trying out my luck in the NU pvp field with my unique team compositions.
I have always wanted to do nuzlockes of my own. I like the ideas of being limited on what you can do, using pokemon you may never use before, and having to play really strategically (especially in pokemmo). I had attempted ones in the past but never sat them through till the end, so with the new year and being at home I decided it was finally time to complete my first nuzlocke. I don't know if I will continue my story or if anyone is interested in this kind of adventure but personally I enjoy hearing about other peoples nuzlockes. So even if nuzlockes arn't your thing I hope you enjoy my story so far. 

The rules I am playing by:
- Only the first pokemon from each area can be caught
- All pokemon must be named (I went with a theme, can you guess it?)
- no GTL/trading with players/trade evolving (trading with npcs is ok)
- no gift/static encounters (starters are the exception. static meaning guaranteed encounters, like the sleeping snorlax or cubones mom)
- if a pokemon faints, it's 'dead' and can't be used again
- starters are based on the rivals true starter (in other words: Gary is known for having a blastoise, so I will take charmander)

CH 1: Our story begins on Saturday, January 8th at around 11 am EST. I, Rattaddatoulli, was ready to start my pokemmo adventure. After trying to go on a suicide run into tall grass Professor Oak was kind enough to offer me a pokemon of my own. Gary was there too, and when Oak offered us our pokemon Gary would take squirtle so naturally I took charmander who I named Carrot. Gary of course challenged us to a battle but was no match and brought us our first victory. We then went on an errand for Professor Oak to retrieve his parcel, and were rewarded with the pokedex and some pokeballs. And with that our adventure began. Our first encounter was a ratatta named Cheese Puff. For our next encounter we managed to find a female nidoran, Raspberry, on route 22. Raspberry was the start of the crazy luck we would have with out encounters. After leveling we bumped into Gary for a rematch, again being no match for my and my team. We made our way to Pewter city, catching S'mores the pidgey in Viridian Forest and once Carrot evolved and learned metal claw, we had a pretty easy and uneventful first gym battle (unfortunately having to sacrifice Cheese Ball and Cheese Puff the ratattas from route 1 and route 2 to safely heal Carrot).
CH 2: After beating Brock we managed to get our running shoes from our mom and made our way to the next gym in Cerulean. On the way there we stumbled upon another rare encounter: a jigglypuff named Marshmallow. Although our run was going pretty well, we would face our biggest tragedy: the nugget bridge incident. On our way to nugget bridge we bumped into Gary again. Although we again beat him, Gary didn't go down alone, as a critical hit managed to take down S'mores, our first major loss. This was only the start of the tragedy at nugget bridge. While battling through the trainers we encountered a sanshrew who knew magnitude. With no supper effective moves against it and most my team being weak to ground this ended up being tough. Raspberry weakened him down but was forced to swap out after a high roll magnitude. Carrot came in tanking a magnitude to finish him off with a fire fang and that was that. But carrot missed and was killed by another high roll magnitude. Meatball the mankey, Cheddar the sandshrew, and Watermelon the psyduck all came in to try and weaken him, but being under leveled were all killed by high roll magnitudes. finally it all came down to Raspberry, who in the end managed to survive another magnitude on 1 hp, and finish off the sandshrew and win the fight. These losses hit hard. We went from a pretty good rounded team to just Raspberry. But there is always an up with every down, as on route 24 we caught Onion the oddish, and on route 25 Keloggs the abra. Both of these pokemon would end up being a vital part of out team until the end and Keloggs made travel so much easier with teleport. With Onion evolving into a gloom we were able to get our second badge from Misty very easily.
CH 3: On the SS Anne we bumped into Gary again for some good old fashioned pay back and got cut from the captain to fight LT Surge for our 3rd badge in Virmilion City. In the time between Misty and LT Surge we got some more encounters, but nothing of interest other than a magicarp, Fish Taco, we caught and dumped in the day care. In our fight against LT Surge I was planning to use the moon stone we got from mt. moon on Raspberry to become a nidoqueen and be immune to electric types. However I forgot to do this and i the fight against LT Surge, Raspberry was able to tank a couple hits, but after getting his magnemite in the red and activating his Petaya berry to raise his special attack, Raspberry was killed. In the heat of revenge Onion came in and was able to sweep LT Surge's team and get us our third badge.
CH 4: On our way to Celedon City and our fourth badge we stopped at Lavender town and beat up Gary for old times sake. On our way there we managed to catch Crab Cake the krabby on route 10 (another rare spawn), but he faced a similar fate as Raspberry: activating a horsea's Petaya berry, which raised his special attack and killed Crab Cake with a hydro pump. After mourning the loss of Crab Cake we found a vulpix named Banana (a rare spawn in the day when i caught it) on route 8. We also went back to the day care for Fish Taco and evolved him into a gyrados to easily clear the rocket hideout in Celadon and get the Silph scope. Once Banana evolved, he and Nugget (a pidgey now Pidgeot we caught on route 11) made quick work of Erika and got our fourth gym badge.
CH 5: With the Silph scope we went back to Lavender town, made it to the top and received a pokeflute which we used to remove the snorlaxes blocking the paths. We unlocked both Fuschia City and Saffron Ciry, and with our new super rod flew back to any routes or cities which had water for any missing encounters. It was then we got Escargo the slowpoke in Viridian city, and Sashimi the lanturn (guess what? another rare spawn) in Virmillion city as well as other water types from other cities. As we could now fly and didn't need teleport as much Keloggs was traded for a Mr Mime named Cupcake, who was then dumped into the day care and forgotten about. In Saffron City we defeated the dojo master. He was tough, and required Papaya the victorebell (a weepingbell from route 13) and Sushi the seaking (we caught in Fuschia) to sadly perish, but luckily with Onion being a bellossom now and knowing quiver dance, was able to carefully set up and defeat him thanks to their sacrifices. With our team now consisting of Onion, Fish Taco, Nugget, and Sashimi we went to save Silph Co from team rocket. Gary was there again and while fighting his blastoise Fish Taco set up 4 dragon dances (getting low hp in the process) and went for the 1 hit KO. However blastoise survived with a sliver of health and was able to kill Fish Taco, another big loss. We managed to beat Gary and Giovani and received the master ball but had to say goodbye to Fish Taco. Escargo then joined the team and quickly evolved into slowbro. Sabrina gave us our fifth gym badge and another easy win thanks to Onion's quiver dance. 
CH 6: With our fifth badge we went down to fight Koga. This was another uneventful fight and gave us an easy sixth badge thanks to Escargo's psychic, and Banana's extrasensory. 
CH 7: Now being able to use surf we made our way to Cinnabar Island and beat Blaine who gave us again a pretty uneventful fight and our seventh badge. However on the way there for BOTH our route 20 and route 19 encounters we stumbled upon a lapras, again a rare spawn. crazy luck
CH 8: Once we got our seventh gym badge We were then invited to go visit the Sevii Islands. Once there we had to rescue an island from a biker takeover, however, during the fighting a ursarang using a burn boosted facade was able to 1 hit KO Nugget. Once we cleared these islands and got some more encounters we made our way to the eighth gym, Giovani for one final rematch. All of Giovani's pokemon would hit hard, but again Onion was MVP setting up quiver dances and 1-2 shot his entire team. With this victory we had our final gym badge and was ready to prepare for the pokemon league.
CH 9: Of course Gary wanted one final rematch before the league so I happily destroyed his team. Once clearing the way to the pokemon league I had to go and decide on what my team would be for fighting the elite four. Currently I had Onion, Escargo, Sashimi, and Banana, but was missing two. After much though I had decided who my last two would be: Toothpaste the magnemite who I got from the Power Plant and Cupcake the Mr. Mime I traded Keloggs the abra for. When I picked up Cupcake he had gained a whopping 46 levels from the day care, meaning he didn't need much leveling to prepare for the league. Toothpaste on the other hand did need leveling, but luckily by this point I had 51 pokemon in the pokedex, enough to get the exp share from Professor Oak's assistant. After leveling the team and going broke on TM's in Celadon City, I was ready for the league. Lorelei was easily defeated using Banana's discharge and Sashimi's flamethrower, and Bruno was defeated easily using Cupcake's and Escargo's psychic and quiver dance boosted giga drains from Onion. Agatha was going well, until Toothpaste (now magneton) was sent in to deal with her last pokemon: arbok. I knew arbok could learn ground moved and expected something like mud bomb or mud shot, so sent Toothpaste in regardless as the rest of the team was low on hp and he had good special defenses. However I was not ready for arbok to know earthquake, which was able to 1 hit KO toothpaste as he did not have sturdy. Escargo healed and was sent back in to finish the fight with psychic, but we had lost one of our 6 members for the league. Finally it was time for Lance who started with aerodactyl. My plan was to start with Cupcake who was fast, set up a substitute to test the waters and swap if needed. Aerodactyl was unfortunately much faster and with a power herb was able to 1 hit KO Cupcake with sky attack on the first turn. Sashimi came in and killed the Aerodactyl with discharge, and the rest of the team finished off the rest of Lance's team using mainly ice beam. Now all that was left was the champion, Gary, with only a team of four. Incredibly Gary was defeated by playing very carefully without any more losses and with that on January 13th, 6:54 PM EST we were the champion.
CH 10: With the league conquered there was one last thing to do before completing our adventure: finishing the Sevii Islands. We made our way there to help Celio complete his machine and collected the gems he was missing. In the process we fought many more trainers and encountered many new pokemon. I also lost Chicken Finger, a fearow we caught on treasure beach, to one of our encounters: a wild gyrados, who landed a crit with take down, taking both of them down in the same turn due to recoil. While in Ruin Valley on six island I encountered a wobbuffet, my biggest fear. Onion came in and paralyzed him and then got her low using giga drain. However the wobbuffet predicted this and using a crit boosted mirror coat, 1 hit KOd Onion. That one hurt. Onion had been with us for so long and pulled so much weight, only to be ended by a crit wobbuffet right at the finish line.... curse you Blue Cheese. After this I though it couldn't get any worse, but when fighting a smeargle with focus sash (one of the last trainers to fight on the islands) endeavor and ice shard was used to kill Banana. I was still upset about Onion at the time and foolishly didnt heal Banana after endeavor, this was the cherry on top. To lose two pokemon who had been on the team for so long to stupid mistakes felt terrible. With revenge on the mind Escargo and Sashimi went into the rocket warehouse, and ended team rockets reign on kanto. With that I also retrieved the last gem for Celio, who completed his machine which connected to Hoenn. And with that there was only one thing left to do: Cerulean cave. We flew back to cerulean city, and entered the cave. We made it to the bottom of the cave but Mew Two was not home (thankfully) and on our way out our repel wore off and we got Pound Cake the rhydon. And with that our Kanto adventure was complete. We flew to Virmilion city to look back at our encounters and losses, and made our way to the harbor the take our shot and hoenn.
Survivors: Sashimi, Escargo
Reserves in order displayed (not order caught): Whipped Cream, Cheese Cake, Tender, Raisin, Miso, Corndog, Blue Raspberry, Mango, Bubblegum, Fish Stick, Friend Snapper, Poprocks, Horseradish, Swiss Cheese Slushy, Popsicle, Snow Cone, Turnip, Protein Powder, Plantain, Rigatoni, Lemon, Penne, Jelly, Prune, Plum, Tortellini, Beer Batter, Spaghetti, Cream Cheese, Halibut, Pound Cake, Alphabet Soup, Muscles, Crab Melt, Clams, Peanut Butter, Lobster Bisque, Calamari, Clam Chowder, Cornmeal, Cheese Stick, Blue Cheese, Kebab
Losses in order: Cheese Puff, Cheese Ball, Marshmallow, S'mores, Carrot, Meatball, Cheddar, Watermelon, Raspberry, Crab Cake, Fish Taco, Papaya, Sushi, Nugget, Toothpaste, Cupcake, Chicken Finger, Onion, Banana
Thanks for reading, I had a blast doing this and helped work on my pokemon knowledge.
To be continued?

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