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TierList"s" OU UU NU PokeMMO

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Hello friends, My friend @Matthzinxl made PokeMMO's Over Used and Never Used TierLists, i had the idea to share it here on the forum and he left so I came here

The pokemons he put as options are the metas + viable pokemons in the tiers, If any pokemon are missing, I apologize because the options are limited 

It will update every 3 months along with the tier rotation.



also, he has a youtube channel help him to hit 5 subscribers https://youtube.com/c/ChoCoLaGaMeR


OU: https://tiermaker.com/create/tierlist-over-used-pokemmo-1467292


UU: Coming soon


NU: https://tiermaker.com/create/tierlist-never-used-pokemmo-1467292


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9 minutes ago, heichicoda said:


This is 100% Correct.

Dugtrio S+, in front of Volcarona ,Mienshao and Scizor? Correct.
Umbreon, during UU suspect test to Lucario, becomes the Punch Bag of him in tier, is in front of him and jolteon? Right.
Venusaur, a mon from NU, in front of Electrode, a UU mon? Right
Darmanitan in A? This is more than correct, this is Perfect

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2 minutes ago, heichicoda said:


Then, I'm noob. It took me 6 minutes to finish according to my interest.

If you're serious about it,🤭

I forgot to mention, in OU he becomes the Punch Bag from Infernape, Conkeldurr, Darmanitan, and Mienshao too
About Venusaur, he don't have sucess in OU, not too much than Electrode, that are a mon excelent to setup Screens, so isn't a suprise that teams with cloyster use him.

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