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Bearry Christmas and a happy new Bear!

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Merry Christmas everyone ! May you have wonderful time with your family and a stuffed belly !

I also wish you some nice rest, to be ready to rock 2022. Stay safe, and make sure to come back in January healthy and happy, ready to find hundreds of shinies and become the 1# in leaderboards.


Thank you for being such an amazing community, I hope that this incoming year will be as great as 2021 with you all ❤️

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2 minutes ago, Bearminator said:

On behalf of the whole staff team, I would like to wish you all amazing Christmas. Whether you participate in Christmas or not, I hope this magical time and the next year will be full of joy. I wish you all well being in terms of health and happiness, a lot of love and fluffiness as well. I hope we will still have a wonderful time in PokeMMO together in 2022 - you are all making this journey truly exceptional, and we enjoy being a part of such a friendly community - we are delighted to share this time with you all.


That's being said, I send you all a big hugs. 

Wesołych Świąt! Merry Christmas! 

Also Merry Christmas to all of you guys! Nice job 😄

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