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[PSL XIV] PokeMMO Super League Season 14 - Week 3

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I realise this is the end of the year, so everyone is quite busy. Do not hesitate to ask for an extension if needed. I will give all players 24 hours from this post to i) contact their opponent directly and ii) tell them when they are available to battle. After 24 hours, the players that have been unresponsive so far will be forced out of the lineup and their manager will be forced to make a sub.

@Lvkee @camilo7 @heichicoda @Mlhawk @Sebat @Axelgor @KaynineXL @Mkns1070

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The Primal Primeapes (1) Vs Roy Rogers Hooligans (0)

OU: Bund Vs MadaraSixSix                               40 Cr Vs 46 Cr
OU: zKuroko Vs MadaraSixSix
UU: Huargensy Vs MadaraSixSix                              36 Cr Vs 46 Cr
NU: Tawla Vs MadaraSixSix
LC: DarkQuiler Vs MadaraSixSix

Dubs: AkaruKokuyo Vs MadaraSixSix


NU: Kanzo Vs MadaraSixSix

UU: Axellgor Vs MadaraSixSix


fixed @MadaraSixSix u gonna carry bro haha

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