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First to Lose [Metronome]

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Good day! Have fun! — Apparently Clefairy was originally going to be the...


This is a tournament using  Clefairy with Metronome move only.

The Clefairys will be provided before each match by event staff (NeilDown).

This is a flash event enjoy ❤️



Date + Time:
Date: Saturday 11
Time: 2pm PST Time Zone Converter


Registration will take place 10 minutes prior to the event starting through 10 min after event start time.  When PvP begins sign up ends. Must Trade Neildown A Damp rock to participate!



Location: Vermilion Ch5

Clauses(Stolen Blatantly from Calis events):

  • Moves that disable metronome (taunt/disable/encore/etc) will result in an auto restart, regardless of who's winning
  • If you run out of metronome pp, you can use struggle (for example, if an opponent uses spite and you lose all your pp, you can use struggle). This is the only instance where you can use a move that is not metronome.



  • NO held items 
  • Only the use of Metronome is allowed. If you use a move that is not Metronome you will be disqualified.(Unless struggle)
  • Once your pokemon is in battle it stays in battle, unless forced with a move
  • Only Use the Cleffairy Given and return after each battle.
  • You Advancing by being the first to lose/Be defeated.


Sponsored by 

  • Ghostruptcy
  • Neildown
  • PoorNZL (Dirty Laundry)
  • Richiumu (Shiny Charm)






415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize

Dirty Laundry 

Spr 5b 479W.png

+ 500k




9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place Prize

Shiny Charm




d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd




d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 4th (Reserved for first person to self KO and lose)

Jester Hat+69k

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