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Event Suggestions & Feedback



As you all know, we enjoy running events. We try to come up with as many new and exciting ideas for them as we can, whilst also attempting to cater to our broad player-base.

Have we run a particular event that you'd like to see again? Perhaps one that you didn't like so much?
Do you have an idea for an event that you'd like to see happen? We're interested in your feedback and ideas, so feel free to post them in this thread.

Please keep ideas within the realm of possibility. I realise "if X is implemented, Y could be a great event", but lets try to work with what we have.

Note: This thread is for the discussion of official events (like those posted in PokeMMO Official Events).

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MEME TOURNAMENT OMG <3    I'm in.   kek

Hey, I have an idea for a tournament. The tournament would be called "The Competitive Tournament". Basically the rules are following.   A move is not allowed, if:   - The move has

Looking for more than 2 tournaments and especially since one of them is being hosted by someone who isn't even staff any more it looks very bleak and I think most people would appreciate more tourname

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Event Development

Phase 1


Well, my idea is a "Regional Domain Event" for all the regions that are currently implemented in the game. It would consist of separating the regions into team territories such as red, blue, yellow, green, among others. Each territory that have trainers defending a tower (or something less difficult to implement if they want, like a flag) which have to be taken by the opposing teams a base of Pokémon fighting in tournament mode MANDATORY (To avoid EVs and powerful Items), by defeating those who protect the flag, the team will declare itself dominant in that area taken and may proceed to the next.


The teams that dominate most of the region win (Only first, second and third place) and will go to the next phase, if there is a tie the position will be drawn.


Phase 2


Teams that are assigned to 2 regions chosen by SGM, ADMIN GM, CM or players who will lead each team, and will proceed to perform the same style of dominance, only this time it will be a little more difficult.


The flag will move through the area where it is located every 15 minutes if it has not been claimed, having a pattern so it will be easier to find it.


Here only first and second place will come in each region and the Final Phase will be prepared.


 Final Phase


The 4 teams that pass, will be able to carry out one last but challenging activity...RIDDLES.


 We already know the puzzle of the second leader of Unova, right? because it is something similar, it consists in that each team will be given a clue of where a certain coach is, who is the defeated, they will get the next one so that they consecutively reach the end. Each team must find the first to the fifth coach in order to access the finish line, ("Personally it would seem fair to me that the Staff takes care of the riddles ...") When completing the quest and having the item (Something representative of the team's legendary), access a place related to the legendary (excluding those that cannot be accessed such as the Celestial Cave and exchanging it with the Ancient Mansion on Isla Canela). Where they could raffle 3 fights against one of the 3 enemy teams, choosing their 3 best coaches.



I want to give an idea for possible team names:

Gray = Team Mewtwo / Rocket / Mental

Blue = Team Kyogre / Aqua / Alpha / Sapphire / Drizzle

Red = Team Groudon / Magma / Omega / Ruby / Drought

Green = Team Rayquaza / Emerald / Delta

Purple = Team Palkia / Pearl / Space / Galaxy

Ligth Blue = Team Dialga / Diamond /Roaring Time/ Galaxy

Yellow = Team Giratina / Distortion / Shadow

Bl4ck = Team Zekrom / Penumbra / Storm / Plasma

White = Team Reshiram / Dawn / Flare / Plasma

Silver = Team Kyurem / Blizzard / Glacial

Pink = Deoxys / Meteor / Origin Team

Orange = Victini / Victory Team or in case of problems change it to Light Bl4ck= Darkrai / Nightmare / Dark

Gold=  Team Jirachi/Dreamer/Magic


There would be 4 teams of 3 distributed by each region (3 teams in each)

Or if it is more preferable, 3 teams of 4 spread over 3 regions of your choice (4 teams in each).




1st Place  A gift from the Staff of your choice for the winning team (No Legendary or Powerful Pokémon) and a stand of your team (Cosmetic)


2nd Place : A special Cosmetic from a Staff of their choice and a stand from their team (Cosmetic)


3rd Place : A certain sum of yen (5 or 2 million for each of the team) and a stand of your team (Cosmetic)


Compensation Award: Team Stand


If you wanted I could see the design of the uniforms of each team the problems.

PS: The cosmetics of the event would be later for the player of both winning and losing teams.




================================================== ================================================== ================================================== =========


"Rules and Norms"


1- It is not allowed to use FLY to go to the areas of the enemy team or that are not under the control of the team


2- Coaches who lose their zone will be forced to choose an option:

A -Join the dominant team

B - Surrender and return to normal game mode

* (This is for the player to decide if he wants to or not)


3- When losing or winning a match, the loser and the winner had a 10-second braking, to avoid duels spam which would make it extremely annoying.


4.- At each control point there must be a player guarding the area and warning the team if enemies come.


4.1- OPTIONAL -> Within each team there must be a CM (Or who controls the state of the maps) that helps players with the location of the enemy or the state of the zones.


5. "THIS CAN CHANGE IF YOU WANT" Alliances cannot be made between teams.


6. If the player with the flag is defeated, the flag returns to its current location.


7. Anyone who does not follow the rules is penalized from the event 15 minutes (this depends on the staff).


8. The duration of the event and the rounds depends on the Staff.





That would be all, any questions you can ask me ...











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out of 9 official doubles tournaments in the entirity of 2020 only 2 have had shiny prizes. and one of them was a sableye??? (not even a viable mon in the tier). 


9 tournaments in 5 months is already bad enough and even then we get no worthwile prizes, how do you expect the scene to develop?

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id like to make a suggestion for a possible event: Make Payday count as for every time you use it. Ej: NPC trainer has 5 pokemon, and you use Payday 5 times, and it would make you gain the amount of money for each pokemon hit by it. Of course you cant make it last for a week, but im thinking a weekend or so could be amazing. 


Hope you guys see this and give it a thought, or otherwise, let me know why it cant be done, or what should be changed of it. Thank you all in advance.

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If Johto would be added it would be a very very good thing, something that also would be nice is giving a walktrough specially for PokeMMO, for example, the game would be like heartgold and soulsilver but inverse, fist start in kanto, win kanto lague and then go to johto and start just like today, with al your pokemon in the pc, then because in the original games Bruno/Aura comes from Johto, after johto start again in hoenn and then the possibilty to choice between Teselia and Sinnoh, and if you pick Sinnoh yoyur last region would be Teselia and obviosuly if you pick Teselia your last region would be Sinnoh

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Can we have another PokeMMO Trailer Video Editing Contest?


The other trailers made for PokeMMO was 4 years ago. Because the game has changed so much we need newly updated trailers for potential new players

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On 7/25/2020 at 4:55 AM, ryanxix said:

Can we have another PokeMMO Trailer Video Editing Contest?


The other trailers made for PokeMMO was 4 years ago. Because the game has changed so much we need newly updated trailers for potential new players

I am inclined to agree that the game has changed a lot in the last few years, but I disagree that now is a good time for one. Since Sinnoh was just recently added and may not be fully complete it'd be better to get Sinnoh more completed before making a trailer contest, let alone even putting out a new trailer.

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Can we have seasonal tournaments again? Besides PSL this is the single thing that brought most hype into this game 

Leaderboard Tournaments?  

Shiny comps as tournament prizes?


I still don't understand why hosting a non-shiny comp tournament is a thing(besides CCs), it's obvious they are not interesting for the majority of the competitive player-base as they constantly fail to get filled. What is the point in continuing to host these extremely long yet unrewarding events?

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11 hours ago, LeJovi said:



I still don't understand why hosting a non-shiny comp tournament is a thing(besides CCs), it's obvious they are not interesting for the majority of the competitive player-base as they constantly fail to get filled. What is the point in continuing to host these extremely long yet unrewarding events?

Well you see if the devs allow for a huge commitment to a competitive tournament to potentially net a non-tradeable shiny, it could flood the shiny market (even though they're non tradeable) and have an effect on the economy


What's this...I'm getting a report that Jonulo has caught two shinies since I started typing this post. Hm.

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20 hours ago, Quinn010 said:

tag tours like einstein with multiple tiers not super good prices but a price like rp 

Tag Teams would probably be hard to automate. But I would love to see an old school tag team tournament but again I doubt anyone would host it. 

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i saw a post today on unique colored and patterned pokemon from the shows ie crystal onix pink island and tiger striped starters etc... i was thinking having those pokemon show up to capture during special events and holidays would be rly cool... pink pokemon during cancer awareness month, or crystal rock pokemon for new years...

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Pokemon Migrations

& Black Market Merchants


This event idea has two stages to it, migratory Pokemon and black market merchants, but they both play as two parts to a greater whole. Not only would this allow for some encounter variety and game-play variety but also allow for gradual implementation of gen 6-8 Pokemon. We already have implementation of gen 6, 7 and 8 moves and rules. So it should be feasible to begin adding these Pokemon in game a few at a time. While the devs are far too focused on getting current regions working properly (which i am very grateful for) its to much to begin to think of adding new regions. Adding new gen Pokemon a few at a time however, may be something a little more feasible and help to wet the players apatite for new content til the devs are ready to move onto new regions.


So, imagine if certain types of Pokemon migrated between regions on a seasonal basis (similar to how the legendary dogs of old used to shift what routes they were on). Namely birds, insects and fish and other animal types known for migratory patterns. Each season certain Pokemon would show up in the wild in regions they don't normally show up in. Only a limited few Pokemon migrate at any given time and newer gen Pokemon can be added to migration groups as they are added to the game. While limited to species known for migrating such as birds, fish and insects what happens with the rest of the newer gen Pokemon?


In answer to that, it seems our old black market magikarp buddy is up to his old tricks again. And, he's roped some friends into it as well. He still sells Pokemon for outrageous sums of money, however he's upped his game. Through underground sources he has begun to bring Pokemon from different regions to sell to clientele looking for something a little more rare in their home regions. His criminal buddies in other regions have also picked up the act. They will be found hiding behind buildings or in suspicious bushes etc, changing location as well as Pokemon available for sale each week. Sometimes they can bring in gen 6-8 pokemon as well.


The black market dealers aren't the only ones in on the action however. Traveling breeders are looking to trade rare Pokemon from far off regions for certain local Pokemon they are interested in each week. They can be found in port towns. They serve a similar purpose but trade Pokemon for Pokemon instead. They will show up in a random location in a random port town each week.


One last group of essentric individuals have noticed the desire for far off Pokemon and have decided its a great way to increase their collection of rare items. Collectors in port towns will trade you Pokemon from other regions for items they are looking to add to their collections.They will show up in a random location in a random port town each week.


This will give players something to search for in game on a weekly or seasonal basis, and add some life and variety to the game as well as give an opportunity to add newer gen Pokemon without having to add a whole new region just yet. New Pokemon to be added in this way could be voted on for each cycle, letting the players decide what they want to see next. And searching for the npc's each week would give a feature similar to destiny's Xur where players have to find where he is, thus increasing community interaction.



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