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[PSL XIV] Vermilion Treasure Hunt! (PSL Fundraiser)

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Vermilion Treasure Hunt!


“My treasure sleeps beneath the soil
But fortune favors the bold. 
For centuries I’ve writhed and toiled
Awaiting the fool who’ll find my gold”


- Reginald L. Surge, year ???





How it works:

There are 3 prizes total. Those 3 prizes are hidden separately within the squares. You can purchase squares by posting in this thread or mailing me in game with the yen and giving me the coordinates(example, A1, D3, C6...). A map will be sent to @Bearminator with the prizes inside their unique squares!


How much:

170k each square

(each and every sale will be sent to PSL as a donation)


Finishing Date:

12th Decemeber or when slots have been filled




**Shiny Lickitung**


**Shiny Skuntank**


**1m Yen**





A thank you to @Gunthug for being the brains behind the wonderful quote in the introduction.

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12 minutes ago, Prande said:


His IGN is KaynineXL


A1 is already taken:

47 minutes ago, CaptnBaklava said:

Take a1 b2 c3 d4 e5 f6 b5 c4 e6 f1


5 minutes ago, BaliAds said:

give me B6 F5 F6 F7

F6 is already taken:


47 minutes ago, CaptnBaklava said:

Take a1 b2 c3 d4 e5 f6 b5 c4 e6 f1

Including the other 2 both of you requested, I believe this is how it currently looks (ignore the red those are mine):

+2 random spots for DoubleJ

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56 minutes ago, LeJovi said:

C'mon man... you've become such a casual lmao 

Majority of OU is in the process of being trained.. plz allow me be casual before I have a usable team


=^.^= meow



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Has numbers B3 & // D7 &F4 & D6 already taken.

has paid for 4 - please pick another 3 numbers


KBTIV E5 is already taken

paid - please pick another number


@CaptnBaklava has paid all


@GasaiYunoSan has reserved D2, A4 and E1 - needs to be paid. please mail "KaynineXL"


@awkways has reserved E2+E3 and every C remaining C1, C2, C5, C6 & C7 - paid


@Prande has reserved A2、A3、F4 - needs to be paid




@BaliAds has paid for B6 D1 F5 F7


@Plbbrt has reserved D6, D3, A7 and B7 awaiting payment


@isi1993 has taken e7 and d7 and paid


@TohnR has paid for E4


@Poufilou has taken F2 and paid


@DoubleJ has paid for D1 and B1 however D1 was already taken

please pick another number!




B4, A5, A6, D5 & F3 are the numbers still available.


All numbers were granted to those who asked for them first. First come, first serve on the last, however I will give chance to those who have already paid for taken numbers first. I can also give cash back to those who do not wish to take the other numbers.






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