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New pvp reward system



I propose that in the tier less played increase the rewards obtained from battle points, since in these tier as they are double, never used and under used to find a game is very difficult due to the lack of players in them so it would increase the interest of the players for these tiers. In the same way if the number of players and games found increases, the battle points obtained per game won would be lower

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Its an interesting idea indeed it would definitely increase people who choose to play those tiers but not by much. Consider the case with the RD tier it yielded the same bp rates as any other tier on release and people loved it so much it was almost more popular than OU then after its bp yield was reduced people still played it as much as OU. Bottom line is the majority of people will play the tiers they love regardless of how bad the rewards maybe only a small percentage will be swayed by the rewards. 

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It is true, but it is also useful to balance that there are not many games in those tiers. Of course I know that it will not greatly increase the number of players because it is also everyone's preference but at least with interest you earn something and it is possible to be your new favorite tier ^^

PS: the inclusion of Pokémon from tier never used to the rewards of AL seems to me a very good thing, who knows maybe in the next season there are already those who have collected 6 Pokémon reward 

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