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Is it possible to lose item?

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I have just recently started playing and now I am wondering if this is possible to lose held items? Let's say that my Kadabra holding Twisted Spoon encountered Mankey which used covet to steal the item. Will I lose the spoon if I KO the wild Mankey / run away / all my pokemons faint?

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Some lost their Choice items and Macho Brace through using move Fling against wild encounter. SO theoretically, you can Fling any items you don't want.(items which can be held by a pokemon)

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Items will be returned to Pokemon after the battle only if the item was transferred by thief/covet/trick


Consumables like berry, focus sash will still be consumed


As for fling, I think the developers has made some items not fling-able.

I'm not sure on the untossable item list

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