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PvP OU Tournament Eibraham CÄØS (Finalized)

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PvP OU tournament in green city (kanto) ch-3 on the second floor of the Pokémon center, time: 5:00 pm (ET) Date: December 2, 2021- 12/2/21

The monitoring of the tournament will be carried out by




To participate, leave the player's name in the post.


° The duels will take place ou tournament style.

° There will be no tournament without the presence of a referee.

° It will be possible to change teams after each duel.

° In case you lose duel due to time or disconnection you will lose by Disqualification




  5x31 Timid+Choice scarf



4x31-1x30 Bold+Leftovers


250k >>>PokeYens







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