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Hello, I thought it would be very useful to add a filter in the GTL when searching for a Pokémon to search according to the movements it has. Also, there are people who try to sell competitive Pokémon with all the movements and it is impossible to find something without wasting more than 15 minutes among thousands of announcement.

There are also quite a few Pokémon that depend on their Moveset for sale, for example a Smeargle. There are Smeargles with movements that are difficult to obtain and it is impossible for someone to find your announcement among hundreds of Smeargles announcement with basic movements that doesnt matter to anyone.


In addition, there are also people who train the EVs of the Pokémon and it is difficult to locate the Pokémon with the trained EVs.


Therefore, I think this filter would be very beneficial for people who sell competitive Pokémon, even if it is possible to at least add the search for only 1 movement among the 4 that it may have.


Thank you very much for all the things you add to this game.

If you share my thoughts, please respond to this POST by saying your opinion.


I add a suggestion image of a possible GTL.

Have a great day.

P.S. I am Spanish, sorry if my English is bad.


Signed: PokeLGTBI




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On 11/25/2021 at 10:41 AM, xMago said:

I think it's more important to see what egg moves the pokemon has, rather than the moveset of the pokemon.

I thought in that, but if you can choose, it is better the possibility of of find any kind of movements.


Ty for the answer 😊

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