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Joining Phoenix Nest


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A Phoenix will never perish; from the ashes where it falls, it will rise again. 


Regardless of whether you excel in the fine art of PvE, get down and dirty with PvP with sweaty players, or even not sure what you're good at yet, we welcome as many individuals as we can to make our family diverse and whole with different varieties of knowledge you can learn while residing with us. Who knows, you may even find that special thing you're good at, or even find a hobby to do on the side!



At its core, Team ENIX is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic team with very family-oriented and full of friendly people who hunt shiny Pokémon, run PvP hardcore or play casual. While we are more centered around PvP, we have something that sets up apart from most PokéMMO communities; and it is that we really care about each other.


We have members from all over the world and there's always someone online to chat with and get help from.

Team ENIX dabbles in a little bit of everything to make sure our team members fully enjoy their gaming experience.

  • Official Events, Team Events and Unofficial Events
  • Shiny Hunting
  • Berry farming
  • Breeding, Leveling and EV services
  • Scrim/War PvP with other Friendly Teams.
  • PokéMMO Team Tournaments


Common Etiquette:

Be respectful to your fellow Phoenix Birbs/Friends of Phoenix members, Treat others the same way you want to be treated. All we ask is that we respect each other & have some common sense.



While we seek to make your experience in the team better with our activities, please always remain respectful and understand that we might not fully cover all the issues that you may have.


PokéMMO is an absolutely great game for interaction as well as competitiveness. As a result, we prefer players with history of having done PvP or players who are very interested in PvP and wish to develop their teams and prediction skills. However, we still welcome players who have proved their tenacity in PvE aspect such as hunting shiny Pokémon, farming berries, doing player services and joining events. 




Please click  HERE  to head straight to our official recruitment form so we can get a rough understanding of who you are as well as your playstyle.



Thanks for looking out for Team ENIX and hope you can be a part of our Team!

   by PenguinKing, BnnuyScrem & BlueLakeSnake

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