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[PSL XIV] PokeMMO Super League Season 14 - Players Registration Thread

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Tiers: Cheerleading

Fluff: I hope gb reconsiders and doesnt allow council members to signup, it is dumb. However, in the meantime big disclaimer: I will not play for your team. I'm signing up because I saw many new aspiring doubles players, and I thought it could be fun to help the new generation grow by helping them undertsnd the meta, build, prepare, and practice. I also still have 4+ full boxes of dubs comps I can lend (but the ones I used the most are gone).


Do not buy me if:

  • You expect me to play
  • You are also buying an stablished dubs player
  • You do not have the budget to breed some crazy sets I might think of. They might be used for a single match, or being discarded and not used at all 
  • You need to spend more than 8 credits for me, it wont be worth it.
  • You didnt do your research and talk to the aspiring player(s) you want me to help. They need to have some braincells on their own. If they end up being deadweights, that will be your fault, not mine.

All in all, buying me is a risk, but if you do think that some of the new guys signing up for dubs have potential, and you want someone to guide them, I could help.

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IGN: Badbaarsito

Time zone: GMT -5

Tiers: Doubles / Never Used / Under Used

Fluff: Second best doubles player of PSL XIII (7-1 score). I train and make Superman the MVP doubles last PSL XIII and @Bearminatorwas his fan #1
Fuff 2: @gbweadlove my trick room alakazam

Fluff3: @Cristi is my best PSL duo ever. Together won already 2 times in a row this shit


Special comments: Already won 2 Official PSL's in a row. I will go for the third one. @Akaruyo se la come completa


PD: I hope I can match my scheduel with @iJulian and shittalk  comment games while we record that games. Also I always post chicharito pictures for my games.







#SoaringStaraptors#1 #EmpoleonsBonapartist#1 #Inevercoachedhim #Hatersgonnahate #Redreaperhood 

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