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[PSL XIV] PokeMMO Super League Season 14 - Players Registration Thread

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Welcome to the fourteenth PSL Player Registration thread. If you wish to participate as a player in the upcoming PSL Season, please fill-up the following form:



Time Zone (UTC format):



  • IGN indicates what your in-game name is. This is the name you use for your character in PokeMMO.
  • Time Zone is the Time Zone for which you live. This helps managers better understand how and when they can communicate with you. Please post your timezone in UTC format. If I was living in California, my Time Zone would be UTC -8. If I was living in Hong Kong, my Time Zone would be UTC +8. If you have trouble figuring out what your Time Zone is in UTC format, this site can help or you can simply ask me.
  • Tiers indicates the PokeMMO tiers (OU, UU, NU, Doubles and LC) in which you are willing to play this season. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to play in tiers you didn’t sign up for. This is to ensure managers do not force a player into a tier he/she doesn’t want to play and to protect all managers from dishonest player sign ups. If you do not specify which tiers you are willing to play, I will assume that you are willing to play in all tiers, even Doubles*. Please refer to the following thread regarding LC clauses and banlist.
  • Fluff is where you put any information you want in order to better your chances of getting picked in the auction.


Forum banned players can ask me directly if they wish to sign up for the event.


Signing up as a player is a big commitment and it implies being willing to play  every week for up-to 10 weeks.


Posts that are not player sign ups will be actively removed. Signing up on an alt will lead to an automatic ban.

DEADLINE : December 3rd, 9 PM GMT

edit: Players that did not sign up themselves will need to send 25k to "pslxiv" through in game mail to confirm their registration.

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IGN: BigProfit

TimeZone: BST - UTC+0

Tiers: UU(only have one team for UU though), NU & Doubles

Fluff: Albert Einstein once said: "BigProfit is a player who cannot be defined by words or equation. E=mc^2 was the biggest accomplishment I figured out in my life, but not figuring out BigProfit is my biggest regret." 
Abraham Lincoln once said: "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."

So with the knowledge of these two influential beings and with my own acumen and style I'm sure to be of service to any team. My ELO on average is usually 600+ when not tilting. I don't have any notable results but my wealth and game knowledge will speak for itself. I'm sure I'll be a great asset for any team ;).

I have a war chest of 50m to use towards making comps and movesets


Discord: BigProfit#5946

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IGN: endosad

Time Zone: (UTC format): UTC-5

Tiers: Over Used (OU)

Fluff:  I would like to participate in PSL and what is an opportunity to learn and get more fully into the competitive Pokémmo, so I feel that something good I can contribute, I also think it could help me a lot and would be a nice opportunity. ❤️

rose light.jpg

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i need JPG xD
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IGN: JeanMarcH

Time Zone (UTC format): EST (GMT-5)

Tiers: Doubles, arguing


Alright, I’ll start by explaining the most obvious reason why you should consider this Dubs only player for your draft. I have done some research, and based on said research, here’s what the depth of the doubles talent pool is going to be like:


What does this mean for you, dear manager? This means that after the 3rd dubs player is picked up, you’ll have accepted your fate that your dubs record will be 1-6, and your one win was because the opponent was so desperate that they thought that trying to draft a baboon and teaching it to play dubs would be a better idea than scratching the bottom of the barrel. At this point, you might start to consider the baboon too, because there’s no way that there could be a random with 0 accomplishments that could be worth taking a risk on, right? Well, there’s this guy:


Pictured: brick head winning his round 1 of Worlds with Iron Ball Cofagrigus


That guy is a 2-time VGC worlds qualifier, and coincidentally happens to be me. You might be wondering why I, a supposedly good VGC player, would have no accomplishments, and bother showing up to PSL? There are 2 main reasons: I have a reasonable sleep schedule, and I have a job (admittedly, if MMO is anything like other competitive scenes, those 2 reasons are accomplishments on their own), so I haven’t even been able to enter a tournament yet.


If you want some kind of proof that I’d pick up the meta quickly, here’s a picture from the official website after my first regional, which was just short of 300 entrants:


That’s right I even earned the right to have my name misspelled


So, assuming that your curiosity is piqued at this point, there might be one question left on your end, which is: would all that transfer to a team-based league? And I’ll answer to that with 2 screenshots from NPA, the highest level VGC team league:



I think that covers most of it without going too far. If needed, my DMs are open for any questions, proofs, showdown replays, marriage proposals, kidneys, or whatever else you managers need. I’m not going to promise to deliver on all of those, but I hope to be working with one of you guys this PSL, mainly so I can do well enough to put no effort next signup and get drafted anyway.

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