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[Catching] Magma v Aqua | Primal Reversion - Among Us | Season 10 (Saturday 13th Nov)


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Event Description
The time for Primal Reversion has come once again... It is at these time, team grunts become even more powerful than before...

But not everyone can handle such power.... Some have gone astray unknowingly.... and become what they seek to destroy.



Hall of Fame - Champions of the Series




Primary Conditions


-This is for anyone within the ENIX server.

-Each player can only join 1 team (by reacting to the event message in ENIX discord server).

-Players cannot change team during event.

-If either team has too many members compared to the other team during the event, the staff will relocate some members from the crowded team to the other.


Registration Rules


-If a player's name is on the banner and he/she fails to come, that player will receive a 'yellow strike /'.

-If a player receives 2 yellow strikes (or 1 red strike /), that player cannot play in the next 2 MvA events. The strikes will be erased afterward.

-To remove a strike, a player must be present in 2 events that he/she registers for.
-Players are recommended to only register if they are sure they can come to the event.

-Players can ask to pull out from the event anytime. However, during the 1-hour time before the event, there will be no changes.

-Players are expected to come 10 minutes before the event for head counting.


Strike List


Namush /                                             Inou /

RitaZhang /                                        LuciusGaming /
HisRoyalFlyyness / (1 game)     DragonEmperorRZ /
MrLlminati /                                       Hallograma /
Joelew /                                              Calvinned /  

BenBlade /                                     KarenGotBack /

Etoshimura /                                     NooGameNooLife /

PumpActiongWang /



Saturday, 13th November 2021



3 PM UTC | 10 AM EDT | 8:30 PM IST| Check Discord Calendar



Magma Hideout, Hoenn, Channel 3


1 hour for catching

25 minutes for participants to submit their entries.


Pokémon accepted as valid entries




  • There are 3 clauses, and the winning team will be determined by winning 2 out of 3 clauses:

1. Whichever team has more Team Rank Points.


-Both teams compete by occupying the Top 6 in total IV (Total Points).

-To win 1st - 6th places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit ONE entry that scores the highest.

-In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earlier catch time.

-Each rank gives out different points from highest to lowest (see below).

-Team Rank Points will be rounded down.

Nature Bonus:

Bashful/ Docile/ Hardy/ Quirky/ Serious    [+3]


Total Points  =  IV + Nature Bonus
Individual Rank Points

Rank 1 [+1.8] | Rank 2 [+1.6] | Rank 3 [+1.4] | Rank 4 [+1.3] | Rank 5 [+1.2] | Rank 6 [+1.1] 

Team Rank Points = Total of Individual Rank Points of all members from the same Team.


2. Whichever team submits more of the selected IV numbers.


Each player may submit Pokémon with one of the IVs listed below.

For Team Magma108, 112, 118, 121

For Team Aqua102, 104, 125, 127

Each player can submit each IV number 1 time only. Duplicates will not earn any point.
A team member can gain points by catching IVs that are listed for their team.
A team member can counter (deduct) enemy team's total points by catching IVs that are listed for the enemy team.
Team Points cannot go below 0.


Gain Points = Total submission of ALLY team members * 2
Counter Points = Total submission of ENEMY team members 
Team Points = Gain Points - Counter Points


3. Whichever team has caught more Pokémon with at least 1x31 IV.


Each team member may submit Pokémon with 1x31, 2x31, 3x31, and so on.

You are required to tell the host the total amount of entries you have before submitting.

There is no limit of entries, meaning you can submit as many as you have.


Points of a Pokémon:

1x31 [+1]         2x31 [+2]

3x31 [+4]        4x31 [+8]

5x31 [+16]      6x31 [+32]

Total Points = Sum of total points of all team members

  • All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location.
  • All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...).
  • Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry.
  • You must be the OT of the Pokémon.
  • There are 3 separate phases of submission at the end of the event, where you submit your entries accordingly.
  • Rule of the Strong: To be strong is to stand on top with no equal. As a winning team, one does not deserve the victory with a Draw. The Winning Team of the Last MvA Season will stand down with honor.


Primal Reversion - Among Us:

  • At the end of event, the power spike from the Primal Reversion reaches its peak, turning two grunts in each team to become traitors and switch sides. This process will occur after the entry submission is finished.
  • Their entries will belong to that of the new team.
  • The selection method to choose traitors will be done through Pickerwheel.com LIVE on Discord Voice Channel when the entry submission is finished.
  • There will be 10 spins to decide 2 traitors per team.
  • Whoever get selected the most will be the traitor(s).
  • In case of equal selection "points", the last selections(s) will be the traitor(s).
  • Traitors get or not get rewards based on their original team. For example:
    Magma wins -> Magma players who become traitors by switching to Aqua still get rewards while Aqua players who  become traitors by switching to Magma do not get rewards.



Team Prize


Team Prize will be finalized after the team registration is closed

Team Prize will not change even if some members fail to come to the event
Team Prize will add $120,000 each time both Teams gain 1 member

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First Clause: Team Aqua wins!

1st Place [Aqua]JeanMarcH                                        with a 150[+3] IV Docile Torkoal

2nd Place [Magma]Curseman                                    with a 144 IV Naughty Torkoal

3rd Place [Aqua]Complutum                                       with a 141 IV Bold Torkoal

4th Place [Aqua]Kwehchan                                          with a 140 IV Bold Torkoal at 10:47 PM

5th Place [Aqua]Maronzz                                              with a 140 IV Adamant Torkoal at 10:51 PM

5th Place [Aqua]MightyLax                                          with a 139 IV Impish Torkoal


Second Clause: Team Aqua wins!

Team Magma: 0 points

Gain Points: 4 points

RyuGasai: 2, Rytako: 2

Counter Points: 3 points

RyuGasai: 1, Clipsus: 1, Trot: 1

Team Aqua: 13 points

Gain Points: 16 points

MightyLax: 2, PixelBuggy: 2, Maronzz: 2, JeanMarcH: 4, Complutum: 2, Curseman: 4

Counter Points: 4 points

AvaRuta: 1, JeanMarcH: 1, Complutum: 1, Curseman: 1


Third Clause: Team Aqua wins!

Team Magma: 21 (22) points

Clipsus: 3, RyuGasai: 9, KarenGotBack: 4, Trot: 1, Rytako: 4

Team Aqua:     38 (37) points

AvaRuta: 4, PixelBuggy: 3, Maronzz: 8, JeanMarcH: 9, Kwehchan: 2, Complutum: 7, Curseman: 5



Curseman MVP

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