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[PSL XIV] PokeMMO Super League Season 14 - General Thread

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10小时前,KaynineXL 说:

Nobody wants to join us cool kids?


It's a shame there isn't any wealthy Chinese players out there that can match us 🙂



They will spend 1B on fashion,At least I'll sponsor 666(No malice


But,There are still many rich people,  100m bonus activities

 — lmao

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@Mkns1070 @Lvkee @camilo7 @Axelgor @heichicoda @KaynineXL @Mlhawk @Sebat
PSL XIV players auction will be held Sunday, December 5th 2021 at 4 PM UTC on the PSL Discord server and can be followed on the PSL 14 Spreadsheet. Managers can choose a friend to a draft for them in case they might be late or unable to attend the auction. In the event a manager and his back up manager is not there on time without any explanation, I will give their manager spot to the candidates from the reserve list (1. @Wallarro, 2. @ShanQi, 3. @Tawla).


Each manager will start the auction with 200 credits and bid their credits on players to create their roster. At their turn, managers will have to nominate a player for an amount equal or superior to the minimum starting bid. The minimum starting bid is 4 credits and outbids are in 1 credit increments. If no one outbids after 30 seconds, the manager with the highest bid wins the nominated player. Managers must buy at least 9 players and at most 12 players. The nomination order has been predetermined.


Round 1


1. k9

2. enchanteur

3. mkns

4. axellgor

5. mlhawk

6. sebat

7. heichicoda

8. luke

Round 2


1. Luke

2. heichicoda

3. sebat

4. mlhawk

5. axellgor

6. mkns

7. enchanteur

8. k9

Odd number rounds will have the same order as round 1 and even number rounds will have the same order as round 2.


If after completing their roster a manager has remaining credits, those will be used throughout the Regular Season and the Playoffs. Each week, managers will have the possibility to spend 3 credits for an advantage. The advantage can be a) the manager can put himself in the lineup or b) the manager can put one of his players twice in the lineup. The manager against who an advantage is used will receive 3 credits. Only one advantage can be used per week.

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