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A Better (Mobile) UI - PC Boxes



Spent too long working on this concept for a better PC box for mobile for my fat fingers and to help with breeding. It's  not perfect, but I want to start the Halloween event, so it will have to do. Lemme know if you have any questions. Just a disclaimer: this is not a theme, this is a request for a refreshed UI for Android. There aren't any download links and will not be.



PS. Would love if we got better controller support. The inability to get past the login screen without an external keyboard plus this UI on a 55 inch TV stops me from playing on my Android TV device.



So yeah, that's about it for right now. Give me your thoughts. Would you like to see the mobile version get a lick of paint and better controller support? Love my design, or hate it? What interface should I do next?

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Yeah, better Android UI is definitely needed. Ability to "tap" pokemon once to get info like in your pic, and maybe tap twice to move them, to have a selection aswell. 


I prefer being able to go through boxes quickly, it's really useful, so have the list up top like in the UI we have now. Can reduce pokemon sprites/HP bars at the left to get more space at the right for pokemon info imo. We don't really care about their status/HP when we're in PC. 


There has been other topics related to Android UI improvements, I'd suggest taking a look at what has been made by community, or ideas brought. I'm lazy to do it, but an advanced search should do it.  

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