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Changelog: Halloween 2021 (31/10/2021)


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Halloween 2021

  • Halloween has returned to PokeMMO

    • Halloween 2021 will run from 31/10 until November 5th 11:59PM UTC+0
    • Beat up children and steal their candy.
    • Defeat the Spirits of Halloween to earn really special candy.
    • Feed the pumpkin to win a prize! Collect all 
    • (Players will have a few days to turn in candy after the event ends.)



  • Added a search function for matchmaking's spectate menu


Gift Shop

  • (NEW)(LIMITED) Grey & Brown Werewolf Masks are now available for a limited time. These items are limited to the Halloween 2021 season:





  • Ghostly Hats & Hex Cloak Seasonals have returned:



  • Several particles are now available in the Gift Shop:


Bats (Halloween Seasonal particle)



Witch's Cat (Halloween Seasonal Particle)





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Fling's secondary effects
  • Genderswap tickets can no longer be used while busy
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