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November 2021 Tier Changes

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Suspect Test ending, Banned to BL1 from UU:

Lucario: Suspect test has ended with  TC ultimately deciding this this is Offensive Uber in the Under-Used Tier.  Suspect discussion thread can be read here.


Quick Banned to BL1 from UU;

Porygon2: Banned for a mix of Offensive and Defensive uber characteristics. We chose not to do a thread for it as this thing has been discussed to death every month for the past year.  In a tier without Metagross and Heracross, Porygon2 cannot be countered in any consistent form by any of the offensive Pokemon the tier provides. This coupled with the fact Porygon2 is able to repeatedly exert pressure in the field by safely switching against large part of the tier as well makes it way too good for the current tier. 


Nothing is moving based on Usage this month.


Since no TT, Changes will go live a day early this month.

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