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DrTylerGrey's Anniversary Tag Team Tournament! [Postponed] 70M Prize Pool

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Pokegirls sketchs vol 1

Join us in wishing @DrTylerGrey a happy 1 year anniversary in game!




5 vs 5 Tag Team

Tiers/Format: OU/UU/NU/LC/Dubs


Date & Time

Saturday, November 20th |  Time 4PM GMT Time Zone Converter

*time subject to change*




Registration will be open 2 hours before the start of the tournament 

Teams must register with at least 5 total players and 2 subs.


Post your team here according to the format:

Team Name:
Registered Players:



Mistralton Airport Ch.1 or 4




First Place Prize


(10M for each player, 2.5M for each sub)


Second Place Prize


(2.5M for each player, 1.25M for each sub)

Pokemon Fairy Team

glhf all!

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