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New unrestricted pvp mode.



Hello, I wish you are having a nice day brothers brothers. Just out of curiosity, I'd be interested in proposing a new pvp matchmaking mode where there are no restrictions for fun battles.


where you don't earn battle points or matchmaking points, where only rank exists. (Just for fun).


-Repeat Pokemón is allowed.

-Evasion is allowed.

-All game items are allowed.

-Give up is allowed before 5 turns. But you will lose rank.

-Everything is permitted.

Hehe what do you think about it?


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1 hour ago, Quakkz said:

hacer sugerencias inútiles solo para flexionar su brillante encuentro totalmente no relacionado es una mierda de siguiente nivel

Sorry to make you angry, but the image is not mine, you find it in google by searching for "Pokemón Hordes".

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11 hours ago, DeadGorilla said:

So you just made a dumb pointless suggestion for no reason then?

So you just made a dumb pointless post where you talk to people like trash for no reason? Well, this is against the rules :


If you disagree with a suggestion or point then explain why you disagree with it.

If you cannot explain why you agree with a suggestion or point, simply use the Like button on that post. The same goes for disagreement, except that you should find a post that summarizes your disagreement.

Anyway... I think this is a good idea: Pokemon is about FUN, this suggestion is FUN and I like funny stuffs. It doesn't impact the ingame economy or whatever since there're no rewards. The only drawback is that it may divide the PvP players. Sometimes It's already hard to find an opponent for UU. But in the other hand they just added randoms so... idk

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18 hours ago, DeadGorilla said:

Entonces, ¿acabas de hacer una sugerencia tonta y sin sentido sin ningún motivo?

I'm so sorry from the bottom of my heart to bother you, I sincerely apologize, I thought it was a good suggestion an unrestricted pvp mode.

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