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Waiting for Halloween

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1 hour ago, Stokes said:

ojala no les pongan ni mrd de evento de hallowin asi se cagan por no esperar  a fin de mes /i hope kyu will not "implement" hallowin event.

😂It would be to laugh all Christ buying RP, Ditto box and doing typholosion to do in halloweend😂

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On 8/10/2021 at 5:06, Servor5555 said:

Me encanta cómo incluiste una pantalla del evento de Halloween de 2015. Mira todos esos disfraces de fantasmas y Jack'O Lantern

those halloween events in those times were the best B)

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On 7/10/2021 at 20:33, OGRUB said:

😂 Sería reírse de todo Cristo comprando RP, Ditto box y haciendo typholosion para hacer en halloweend 😂

HAHAHA, if you already saw the RP how they went up in price, I imagine the player who could not buy his RP on time and is not enough

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21 hours ago, CrzPapel said:

IDK why you think Hallo is going to change any of that.

Because it will take away the boredom of the last few months. Several of my friends, myself included, have stopped playing because the game is still the same, they don't add anything new, but we'll come back when Halloween comes around.

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