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October 2021 Tier Changes

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Moving Up to OU from UU:

Heracross: 4.91% Usage in OU

Metagross: 4.37% usage in OU


Moving Down to UU from BL1/OU:

Lucario:  Suspect Test Time. Thread coming soon, link will be added when its up.

Aerodactyl: 3.2% Usage in OU


Banned to BL2 from NU:

Dugtrio: In a tier that lacks viable Ground resistances in a decent number and where most offensive Pokemon aren't either bulky enough to withstand its stabbed moves, fast enough to outspeed it or capable of heavily punishing its presence, Dugtrio takes too much advantage of its ability, restricting the tier in a way that negatively affects it


Moving Down to NU from UU:

Lanturn: 3.82% usage in UU



Porygon2 did not recieve enough votes at this time to ban it to BL1, between uncertainty of banning it at a time we were introducing another test and those that just feel it is not something that needs to be banned, it couldn't get the votes to make it happen.


Discussion thread here:


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