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A improvement of the colour indication on the GTL (for colorblindness)



Its good that there is such indication.

but for people like myself that are colorblind, its not useful at all.  I hardly could distinguish between the different grey colors.


It should help if you make it another fond of text or make the prices bold. So at least it  makes little easier for me and others distinguish those coloured prices. 


maybe put a special symbol next to prices like this $1,855~ or 18,55! 

this already make much easier for people can't see different colors. 


I hope you take look at it

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I have the same issue to a degree, as i'm blue yellow and red green color blind so the colors look very similar.  maybe bold the red and underline the yellow or something like that, and make a key somewhere.  Just a thought, and it would help the player base so...  Thank you for bringing this up. 🙂 


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